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No steamy adult Ragini MMS trailer on TV

No steamy adult Ragini MMS trailer on TVEkta Kapoor is compelled to go for cuts so one of the trailers for her upcoming flicks could go through with a U/A rating for television

Ekta Kapoor had to revise a song promo of her spook flick Ragini MMS before the Censor Board passed it with a 'U/A' (under adult supervision) rating. The film's TV promo earlier received an 'A' (adults only) rating.

Says a source from Balaji Motion Pictures, "Ekta wanted to air the Raat Akeli Hai song promo because it gives you a fair idea of what the film is about. Ragini MMS is thrilling voyeurism and Ekta wants to project that. The rating the Censors initially gave the TV promos, disappointed us."

Chopping it
Ekta felt that the 'A' certificate would harm viewership prospects as she believed the film has mass appeal. "Promos with adult certificates play only on certain time bands (after 11 pm usually) when most people have gone to sleep. Her team worked on the promo, made certain cuts, took out some steamy portions and made it much tamer.

One love-making scene and a couple of horror segments were removed and some tame shots were put in to replace the sensuous scenes.

Everything was rushed to be able to meet the deadline. The tamer version with incorporated cuts was given an U/A certificate. The song promo had to go through three rounds of changes before the strict censors agreed to the certificate.

Confirms Tanuj Garg, CEO Balaji Motion Pictures, "The censors asked us to make some cuts if we wanted a U/A certificate for television. We complied." The uncensored version will be put up shortly.

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