Saturday, 9 April 2011

Office for Mac 2011 SP1 to Release Next Week

Next week, Microsoft Mac Business will be released with the first Service Pack of Office for Mac 2011 cross platform suite, which provides increased stability, security, and some new features, including improved Outlook syncing support as well as some performance enhancements.

Microsoft's Office for Mac 2011 will enable calendar syncing between Outlook for Mac and Apple's Sync Services, allows user' Outlook calendar as well as contacts, notes and tasks with any service or device that supports Sync Services, including their iPhone and iPad. The first service pack for Office for Mac 2011 will have a number of enhancements to increase stability and security fixes.

It is strange that the Service Pack won't sync with new MobileMe calendar using Sync Services and hence the Outlook for Mac calendars won't sync.

The table below outlines the supported services in Outlook for Mac 2011 SP1:

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