Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Salman won't promote Sonakshi?

Salman Khan is known to give great support to those close to him... While he successfully launched Sonakshi Sinha, talks have it that Salman is now recommending Asin - his 'Namastey London' co-star, and Zarine Khan - his 'Veer' co-star, for projects.

We are told, "Salman has launched a few careers - be it Katrina Kaif, or Sonakshi Sinha. He somehow feels responsible for Asin and Zarine Khan as well. You see, the films in which these actresses starred opposite Salman didn't rock the box office. And Salman Khan thinks he owes them something. Besides, they are talented, too." So while he has set Katrina and Sonakshi on the right path, his focus now remains on getting Asin and Zarine on the track to success.


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