Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Naked party to celebrate Putin

Russians chose a bizarre way of showing support for their beloved Prime Minister Vladimir Putin by going naked for a lavish party for the country's paramount leader, a year before presidential elections.

About 2,000 revellers streamed into trendy Moscow nightclub Rai – 'paradise' in Russian - for Sunday night's 'Putin Party'.

"This is for Vladimir Vladimirovich (Putin], who is the coolest, the most respected man in all of Russia," the Scotsman quoted organiser Andreas Lobzhanidze, clad in a pink shirt with Mr Putin''s picture on it, as shouting to the crowds.

Striptease dancers writhed with signs saying "I want the prime minister" to an electronic rendition of Blueberry Hill.

According to independent polls, Putin has about 70 per cent approval, the same as that for president Dmitry Medvedev, whom Putin steered into the Kremlin three years ago.

Lobzhanidze credits Putin for successfully securing the rights to host the Winter Olympics and Russia''s first Formula One race, both in 2014, and the 2018 World Cup.

"We got them all!" he screamed to huge applause, while women acrobatically twirled in huge plastic balls suspended from the ceiling.

Promoters said the party was to merely celebrate Putin, not to ask him to run for president again.

"He''s just so great. He is closer to the Russian people than any leader has ever been," pop singer and stylist Sergei Zverev said.

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