Sunday, 3 April 2011

Registry Clean Easy – Best choice for keeping your PC at the optimum state

With time passing by, you may have found that your computer is not as perfect as before. You may wonder that some damage has been done to your hardware. But for most occasions, obsolete registry entries, cluttered system, broken shortcuts, missing files should take the responsibility for your computer's defects. Registry Clean Easy is just designed for people who want an organized system meanwhile hate snarled settings, complicated procedures and endless clicks.

Navigation is very clear. Registry Clean Easy scans your system, traces the errors and sorts them out in four categories, namely Registry Clean, Privacy Sweep, Junk Files Removal and System Optimization. Registry Clean Easy lets you control all of these processes without any trouble since you can get information clearly on its interface. If you want to optimize your system, just scan and cure problems. This program offers backup for you to restore in case you delete something important. Utilities included in Registry Clean Easy, such as Startup Manager, Disk Cleaner, Disk Checker, provide a very useful, easy and quick method to arrange and defragment your system.

While for users who have a lot of experience in running computers, Registry Clean Easy do offer some advanced settings. For example, choosing which items to be scanned in Privacy Sweep is available. Free version allows only three errors to be repaired in your registry one time. If you are not ready to get the Pro version, you'd better carefully choose some urgent errors to fix, or settle them down one by one manually, which is less recommended. Anyway, Registry Clean Easy is powerful when dealing with system crashing, blue screen and slow speed. And for people who are looking for easy way to repair their systems, Registry Clean Easy is the best choice.

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